This retreat is an opportunity to awaken the deep remembrance of who you truly are and co-create the intimate relationships you truly deserve. Our intention is to provide the space, coaching and resources to heal spiritually and free up your path to the life you imagine. We’ll dive deep into healing everything from love to childhood traumas and intimacy. Experience powerful shamanic transformation to dream a new world into being filled with deeper intimacy, love and connection.

Both in Self and in Relationships. 


Throughout the weekend we will heal, integrate and celebrate the masculine and feminine; bringing together spiritual practices, plant medicine ceremonies, elite level training and our own burning man inspired celebration. (Yes; big speakers, costumes, DJs - all of it). Our promise is that you will walk away your best self yet. Get one step closer to understanding the feminine, treating her with reverence, healing and divinity. Redefine and restore the masculinity, become fit for service and find purpose beyond mundanity. ​



 Journey beyond death, access your deepest vulnerability, exploring the way in which states of victimhood, rescuer and perpetrator dynamics, projections and the internal voices within your psyche to become the conscious creator of your life. 



Through the use of Shamanic practices and Plant Medicine Ceremony, shed the past in the same way the serpent shed's its skin and emerge an entirely new being. Step forward from the stories, traumas and blocks into indescribable clarity and purpose. This experience is a deep dive into your subconscious, fully surrounding to breath, spirit and the plant.



Enter the temple and learn how pleasure and sexuality can connect you more deeply to yourself, your lover and to Spirit. Learning everything from tantric mystery teachings to kinks and the arts of bdsm.



 Learn what it means to step into your Divine Feminine and how to embody her in unapologetic authenticity. Weave a new world into being, with a greater capacity for unconditional love, honor your boundaries, communicate your needs, trust your intuition and honor the Living Goddess that you are. Attract new soulful connections, or deepen intimacy within existing connections.



Actively heal your wounds of love, learn how to relationships as one of the quickest paths to spiritual growth and how to meet your partner in a space of union, versus codependency. Learn about conscious communication, attachment styles and the biological differences between man and woman.



Step into Manhood through the blended practices of modern elite special operations teams and ancient indigenous warriors. Learn what it means to fully embody the Warrior, the Magician, the Lover and King. Foster a new world ready to provide, protect and lead while simultaneously holding space for unconditional love and vulnerability. 



 Re-write the pain, suffering, trauma and disconnection of your feminine lineage, and remember the great truth, that the womb is a place to create and give birth to life. 



Our private Burning Man inspired celebration. Come fully prepared to dress the part and celebrate like we are in the Black Rock Desert itself. Expect DJ’s, professional sound, ecstatic dance, fires and every opportunity we can imagine for embodied intimacy. 

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  • Wildflower Retreat
    Thu, Oct 28
    Arizona, USA
    Oct 28, 4:00 PM – Nov 01, 11:00 AM
    Arizona, USA
    Wildflower Weekend will bring together men and women from all over the country to celebrate intimacy, development and most importantly; ourselves. The four day experience will be packed with breakout sessions, ceremonies, immersions and so much more!