Let’s Master

the Art of Love & Sex

Both in Self & in Relationships⁣

spiritual freedom  •  trauma healing  •  deepened intimacy

what we do

The journey to mastering sex and love begins with the mastery of self.


Our coaching and experiences focus on revealing the limiting beliefs, narratives and subconscious programing that control your behavior, health, intimacy and overall performance. We journey with you deep into your childhood, every trauma and any thought standing in your way. Along your journey we provide every opportunity we can think of to discover everything from spirituality to human optimization and the depths of meaningful intimacy.


trigger therapy


trauma healing


human optimization


self love & discovery


attachment styles


communication support


quantam healing




1:1 & Couples Coaching

It seems like we have a coach for everything; business, fitness, etc. And yet very few seek support and growth in the most important parts of our lives - sex and relationships.


We offer individualized coaching, relationship coaching and group programs 

Retreats & Workshops

Fully immersive events have, by far, been the most impactful experiences for our growth.


Our collective is dedicated to bringing you the absolute best retreats and workshops to support your ascension - as both individual and couples.

Remote Courses

We've created an online library of courses, workbooks and videos on everything we have dedicated our lives to. 

From topics as difficult as preventing sexual assault to practices as sacred as tantric sex - it's all in there.  


In Our Room

a modern approach to sex ed. subscribe for exclusive intimate content centered on education, passion and real life play.

Uncensored Sunday Podcast

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“It was like David & Cat knew exactly what we needed and when we needed it. Their tools and coaching created an intimate experience we truly never felt before.”

Bryce Bouchard
P.S. the crystal works